Supported Living

Garvald Edinburgh’s Supported Living Service provides a range of support including accommodation based support and outreach support.

Support can be delivered within the person’s family home, their own or shared flat or by meeting them out and about at an agreed meeting point.

Working closely with families, carers and other important people in the person’s life we aim to form a circle of support around them. Each person will be supported to have a personal plan that outlines their needs, goals and aspirations.

Our aim is to assist people to maintain and develop their independence. We believe however,  that it is important to value interdependence: where people are valued and relied upon as part of their community as well as needing the support of the community.

Accommodation based support

We can help find accommodation through arrangements with local Housing Associations or within vacancies in our Supported Living projects.  Support ranges from just a few hours a week up to 24 hours a day including overnight support. Waking night support and 2:1 support can be arranged where required also.

Reach Out

Our Reach Out service can provide support to do meaningful activities throughout the day or in the evenings/weekends. This can be delivered either on an individual basis or in groups of people who share the same interests. For example:

  • Walking groups
  • Gym, swim and lunch groups
  • Wildlife interest groups
  • Gardening
  • Craft/Hobby groups
  • Social Activity groups – Outings/short breaks etc.

Individuals can also be supported to attend classes/college/voluntary or paid jobs. Increasing skills in computers, money, cooking, shopping etc can form part of the activites therefore developing overall independent living skills.

Social events and opportunities to come together with others form a key part of what we try to provide.

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