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Garvald Radio

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Episode 21 
presented by DJ Ross Smith

This is a special Christmas episode!

Visit Linda’s fundraising page and watch her music videos by clicking here

Episode 20
presented by Laura and Jason from the Land Group

Get your dancing shoes on! This episode is jam packed with your favourite songs to dance to!

Episode 19
presented by  James Brown
Episode 17
presented by DJ Johnny L
Episode 16
presented by Lesleyann Ramsay
Episode 15
presented by Ross Smith
Episode 14
presented by Linda Chan
Episode 13
presented by Dhaoud Hussain
Episode 12
presented by DJ Gemma J

This is a Mayfield House special edition!

Episode 11
written and presented by Emily Goodwin and Nico Anderson

If you would like more information, please visit

Episode 10
presented by Amy O’Sullivan
Episode 9
presented by Lesleyann Ramsay
Episode 8
presented by Ross Smith
Episode 7
presented by James Alison
Episode 6 
presented and produced by Fred Parsons

A very special Orwell Arts episode of Garvald Radio!

Episode 5 
presented by Laura Davis
Episode 4
presented by Caroline Keys

In this episode, Alison tells us about horse riding at the Drum Riding Centre.

If you would like to donate to the Drum Riding Centre, you can find out more on their website by clicking here.

Episode 3 
presented by Caroline Keys
Episode 2 
presented by Rebecca Chan

In this episode, we mention Audible, who have made a huge selection of their audiobooks free while we are staying at home. 

Click here to go to their website. 

We also mentioned our list of free things to do at home. Click here to have a look. 

Episode 1
presented by Linda Chan

You can now listen to Episode One of Garvald Radio!

It was presented by Linda Chan and was created by the Garvald Edinburgh community.

Thank you to everyone who sent in a recording or requested a song.