This is where you can find projects from the WOODWORK and JOINERY WORKSHOPS
Garvald in Lockdown

Justyna’s partner, Roland, has made a video. It is all about how we have carried on helping each other at Garvald during lockdown. Have a look and see if you can spot any members from the Woodwork and Joinery!

Acorn Videos

How to Grow an Oak Tree
Repotting Your Acorn

Kits & Video Tutorials

Fantastic Beasts- From Your Kit
Kites- From Your Kit
Bookends- From Your Kit
Spring Landscape
Pinwheel- From Your Kit
Balloon Car- From Your Kit
Bird Pizzas- From Your Kit
Draw a Winter Landscape
Make Baubles- From Your Kit
Rock Painting
Sycamore Helicopter
How to make a Catapult
How to Draw a Tree
Twig Plant Pot- From Your Kit
Card Making- From Your Kit
How to Make a Coat Hook
Robot Making- From Your Kit
How to Make a Bookmark
Wet on Wet Painting- From Your Kit
Air Dry Clay
Leaf Rubbings
A Guide to Sanding


What is Autumn?
Watching for Signs of Autumn
Leaf Pressing
Make an Autumn Bowl
Make an Autumn Wreath
Autumn Leaf Garland & Mobile
Window Leaves
Oak Tree in Autumn
100 Leaves Challenge

Identifying Trees

Identify Trees With the Woodland Trust App
Identify a Walnut Tree in Bloom