Before attending Garvald... Rosie just wanted to stay in bed all day.
Patrick, Rosie’s dad

“The best thing about coming to Garvald is having jokes and fun and being with people,” Rosie says.

“I like doing lots of things,” Rosie says, from making pies in the kitchens to glittery cards to be sold to the public. One of her pictures has featured in an exhibition, and she is also making her first forays into horticulture with the Land Group.
Rosie was also able to go on holiday to Blackpool with her auntie, helped by staff from Garvald Edinburgh, and she receives support from staff to go swimming.

Rosie’s dad, Patrick, says she has come on “in leaps and bounds since she started at Garvald Edinburgh. She calls it her ‘work’!”

“Going to Garvald has boosted Rosie’s confidence and she finds it stimulating. There is something different every day and she always seems on the go. She has matured and can talk to you as an adult. Before attending Garvald and getting supported living assistance, Rosie just wanted to stay in bed all day. She needs the interaction of the workshops and it does her a lot of good,” he says.


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