Our Inspiration

Our way of working takes inspiration from the work of Rudolf Steiner In particular Social Therapy.

Primarily this is expressed through the type of opportunities we provide, the approach and interdependence we seek to create. We often have a focus on craft as this offers such a wide range of possibilities for people to express creativity and be connected to nature.

We try and maintain a rhythm and routine to what we do. This can be helpful way for people who are less orientated to time or the day to feel more orientated. Generally the more predictable rhythm to the day or week can help people become more independent and confident in what they are doing and what comes next.

We see the opportunities being relevant to people regardless of the challenges they experience in meeting the world. We have a clear focus on the quality of what we produce.

A key part of what we offer is the opportunity for anyone coming to Garvald to have an impact on their environment, and the local and often wider community. Those coming to Garvald become needed by others and become relied upon to sustain the creativity and range of goods, art and craft work.

We aim to produce items that have a value or positive impact on others rather than making things for their own sake. In addition to providing structured and creative working environments the majority of our studio and workshops have an enterprise focus returning income to offset running costs.

All our current services are regulated by the care inspectorate.

When we visit Mayfield House we sense a welcoming, happy environment, very important to us as parents. We are very fortunate that Nicholas has a place at Mayfield House.

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