Art & Design Studio

The aims of the Art and Design Studio are to enable people to explore, express and develop their creative artistic abilities in a supportive environment and to work toward building a body of personal art work to exhibition standard.

The Art and Design studio is equipped with quality materials in line with an artist’s studio. On offer are pencil, inks, watercolour, acrylics, oil pastel, pastel, paper and canvas amongst many other materials.

There are permanent core spaces available 3 days a week and introductory sessional workshops run 1 day a week.

Artists work toward creating art work to be exhibited in contemporary spaces.  Artworks also hang in both our Gorgie Workshops and Orwell Arts sites, contributing to the environment in which we work and being valued as quality artworks.

To exhibit work and to experience it being appreciated, purchased and going on to live elsewhere hanging in homes or offices, can be the completion of a process for some individuals whilst for others it is a point of reflection after which they continue to develop their work.

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