Tools Refurbushment

This workshop is part of the national Tools for Self Reliance Network which refurbishes old tools and assembles specialist kits for projects in countries such as Malawi, Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The group refurbishes hand tools and sewing machines donated by members of the local community.  Members are involved in the collection of tools as well as sorting and restoration work.

Restored tools are assembledinto specialist kits and sent at no cost to co-operatives and trainee craftsmen and women in the developing world. The kits are made up to fit the needs of the craftspeople for whom they are being delivered, be they carpenters, blacksmiths or boatbuilders.

Group members are involved in choosing the countries and projects to which tool kits will be sent. Development education is an important part of this workshop. Letters and photographs from the projects which have received tool kits add meaning to the work and build bridges between people across the world as does the meeting of visitors from some of the countries involved.


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