Tools Delivery to Malawi

4th July – Refurbished Tools Packed and Posted

Its that time of year again. Garvald Edinburgh’s annual contribution to The Global Concerns Trust shipment of tools to Malawi.

Malawi 2017 (12)

In total our members have filled 68 boxes to be shipped this year containing 40 tools kits, 32 sewing machines, 7 x spades and 16 treadle bases.

All in all approximately 2 tonnes in weight. Being sent 5289 miles as the crow flies!

Malawi 2017 (29)


It involved a year of hard work from our members and a day of manual labour to load the pallets.

Our members take great pride in being to help less fortunate people who are similarly isolated and marginalised by mainstream society.

People with disabilities living in rural areas of Malawi, are amongst the poorest and most vulnerable people within society.

Malawi 2017 (17)

With little access to disability aids, education or employment, many are forced to beg to survive, or are completely dependent upon their extended families for support.

The tools we send reduces poverty in Malawi by empowering some of these most vulnerable people, and equipping them with the skills and tools needed to be self sufficient and earn a living.

Did you know: Since we started this project we have sent over 25,000 tools to vulnerable people around the world. 

Let our members who have worked so hard know how much you support there hard work –

Map - Riverside Malawi

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